Joyce Pang Vargas
Product Designer and Certified Scrum Master


Empowering real estate agents to close deals faster



DLP is an exclusive web app for Corcoran real estate agents. It stands for "Digital Listing Presentation" and it allows agents to create presentations in order to win prospective seller clients. Corcoran's existing digital tools for agents were outdated, and they were losing good agents because of it. Together with a distributed team, I lead the charge on user experience and designed DLP to help agents streamline their work. 




6 months (May 2016 - Oct 2016)

My Role

User Experience Designer

Team Members

Product Manager: Todd Parmley, Backend Developer: Wilson Mead, Frontend Developer: Jason Cummings, Frontend Developer: Vintesh Patel, QA Analyst: Laura Poggini



My design thinking process is directly integrated with the Scrum framework.



Tools & Methods

User interviews, User journey mapping, User story mapping, Whiteboarding sessions, Wireframing and prototyping (Sketch, InVision), Usability testing, UI design (Sketch), UI reviews (Zeplin), Kanban.

delivery model

Before diving into the UX process, I saw an opportunity to propose an improved delivery model, as outlined below. This model greatly improved our team's efficiency. In addition, I introduced a design kanban board to track pre-development work, and acceptance criteria in our user stories to make sure all features had clarity.


user interviews

Corcoran has three markets: South Florida, New York City, and the Hamptons. We decided to build our MVP for the Hamptons (a smaller market), so that we could test and refine the product before a larger scale release. I began by interviewing four Corcoran real estate agents from the Hamptons.

Corcoran real estate agents from the Hamptons, that I interviewed.

Corcoran real estate agents from the Hamptons, that I interviewed.


To synthesize my discovery research, I grouped findings by category.

Synthesizing discovery research.

Synthesizing discovery research.

Key findings


To a large extent, the decision is made prior to the listing presentation. It’s a great reinforcement - it shows the seller how interested we are in putting in the effort.
— Corcoran agent
The listing presentation is the closing conversation.
— Corcoran agent

Pain points/Opportunities

Comps are very important, but they’re not easy to find - compiling them with Excel takes a long time and is laborious.
— Corcoran agent
It would be great if we could play up the marketing sheet so it’s more visually interesting.
— Corcoran agent
Too much information overwhelms the client.
— Corcoran agent
Once you’ve done one, you can re-use it.
— Corcoran agent
  • Listing presentations would benefit from better presentation of content.
  • Compiling comparables is a big pain point when creating listing presentations.
  • Compiling a listing presentation doesn't necessarily take much time. But getting assets from marketing, printing, and binding the book makes the process inefficient.
  • Finding a balance between re-use and customization. Some agents only use Corcoran provided content, others produce their own content to build their brand. All agents try to customize their presentations based on the client.


user journey map

Creating a user journey map based on the agent interviews was extremely helpful in synthesizing my findings. The journey map clearly showed that there was a huge opportunity to improve the presentation compilation process. The existing process was manual, cumbersome, and inefficient - involving email, powerpoint, attaining Corcoran marketing assets, and printing. 

A map outlining the user's journey, emotions, tools, and setting (made with Smaply).

A map outlining the user's journey, emotions, tools, and setting (made with Smaply).


Prototype and Iterate



Corcoran's corporate marketing office needed a way to provide template slides to real estate agents that were compiling listing presentations. In order to serve both marketing and agents, I created a modular design that would work for both user groups. Both would leverage similar experiences but marketing would use the product to create templates, and agents would use it to create presentations. All designs were repeatedly validated by users and evolved accordingly.





Below are some of the corporate (dynamic) templates slides for DLP. Agents can click present and view the slides in a full screen slideshow.



impact on agents

DLP fundamentally changed the way agents compile and present listing presentations. In the past, agents would need to send emails to request corporate slides, pull slides from powerpoint, print, compile, and bind their presentations. With DLP, all slides are provided within the app itself, and agents can move seamlessly from creating to presenting, simply by moving from edit to present mode. Having a web-based app also allows agents to create and present on the go. What was once a cumbersome, multi-step process became a frictionless experience. 

a replicable process

This project was originally extremely time sensitive and needed to "catch up" quickly. Our team followed my proposed delivery model and not only caught up, but found ourselves ahead of schedule, with increasing velocity. This led me to consult on two subsequent Corcoran products.