Joyce Pang Vargas
Product Designer and Certified Scrum Master



Hello! I'm Joyce - Senior Product Designer and Certified Scrum Master, currently based in Cupertino, California. My personal philosophy at work is to stay humble, stay motivated, and be useful. Sometimes I write and speak. I'm all about these three things:


I thrive on cross-functional product teams that value autonomy and collaboration. I believe in limitless learning, rather than being limited by the activities associated to your job title. To that end, I love being cross-functional - with a deep knowledge in design, and the ability to work across disciplines like Scrum and product management. I want to be part of a team that seeks to continuously improve and learn from one another.


I'm passionate about using agile management frameworks, especially Scrum. When executed well, I've seen how Scrum can accelerate excellence - it cultivates high performing teams and quality products, all in half the time compared to traditional frameworks. I'm particularly drawn to the integration of design thinking and agile software development - a topic that much of my thought leadership content centers around.


I'm fascinated by the speed of innovation and the power of technology to build impactful human experiences. Platforms that I'm especially interested in designing for include native mobile apps, conversational UX, and connected experiences (IoT).



It is enough that Joyce is really smart and enthusiastic about her practice, but she is also driven and skilled at teaching others. Despite all of her knowledge, she is always hungry to learn more. She checks important boxes when it comes to attributes of a great leader. I would be honored to work with her again.
— Product team member
Joyce’s biggest strength is her **Unicorn Magic**. She does not sit and wait for the “design part” of an engagement to being. She rolls up her sleeves and contributes to every discipline of the project.
— Product team member
Joyce’s design work on its own is beautiful; when you understand the strategy, thought, and intention behind it, she blows you away.
— Product team member
The biggest highlight of Joyce’s accomplishments so far is the successful delivery of a phenomenal ordering app that blew all of KeHE’s expectations out of the water. This was a hugely complex undertaking. KeHE went into the project with a conservative forecast. However, largely due to Joyce’s diligence in ironing out the business understanding for complex features, iterating quickly and efficiently on designs, and mediating the processes between design and development, the team was able to accomplish considerably more than had initially been planned. Joyce even traveled with KeHE out to Portland to design, from the ground up, an entirely new business offering that KeHE had a very limited understanding of going in. She was able to help them fully understand the customer needs and from that, design a POC that we were able to implement and present to stakeholders, much to their excitement. This project could not have gone better than it did, and that is largely thanks to Joyce’s efforts.
— Product team member
 Speaking about designer developer collaboration at the  Art & Science of IxD Meetup  in Chicago.

Speaking about designer developer collaboration at the Art & Science of IxD Meetup in Chicago.